Group Benefits Online is a Canadian resource center for employers, human resource professionals and employees on all aspects of group benefits.

Group Benefits Online is brought to you by three innovative professionals who have a passion for group benefit plans.  These Group Benefit Gurus are highly respected in their field and have a vast array of knowledge when it comes to benefits.

Darren Smith is the owner and founder of Clearpoint Benefit Solutions, an Edmonton based group benefit company with over 350 clients.  Clearpoint Benefit Solutions brings an unparalleled level of passion and expertise to the client experience. Darren is able to take complicated group benefit concepts and make them simple, straightforward and easy to understand. This translates into clients who are well-informed. Striking the right cost-benefit balance for clients today and into the future is part of what Darren most enjoys. That’s a win-win solution.

Sid Swick is also a key shareholder of Clearpoint Benefit Solutions.  His client commitment is based on the belief that listening to needs and finding solutions to best fit those needs is priority one. His service approach stands on developing long-term relationships, all the while seeking improved ways of solving client requests. Sid says, “the best part of my job is getting to know my clients,” which is why he delivers customer service that is second to none.

Jim Yih is the owner and co-founder of Clearpoint Retirement Solutions where he helps corporate clients design, implement and manage Group Retirement plans like Pensions and Group RRSPs.  He is one of the leading experts on money and personal finance for the past 20 years.  He is no stranger to success and when people want answers about investments, RRSPs, pensions, retirement and other aspects of personal finance, they seek out Jim.  Jim is very passionate about helping people make better decisions with money and now focuses his time on helping employers implement Group RRSP and pension plans as well as financial education programs in the workplace.


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